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Recruitment training is our passion, we are really good at it. Our training is impactful and delivers results. 

We believe that L&D should never be a classroom course, but a mixture of deep diving into what you do now, where you want to be in the future and then filling those gaps - whether that is through deep analysis of a consultants business, simply observing and phone coaching, conducting 360 feedback reviews, or insightful 121 executive coaching - we start with the goals you want to hit and ensure you get there. 

We are not just an off the shelf programme, delivered in the classroom.

Our Industry leading and tested sales training is designed, developed and delivered by our experienced recruiter turned trainer Katie Dowling. Training can be conducted privately at your offices for large groups or booked individually at one of our office locations.

Please read the testimonials - they say more than we can  

Giving a Presentation


Achieve maximum sales performance

"I have worked with Katie for over 2 years, during this time she helped me to develop a new and more efficient recruitment process which has in turn led me to establish a successful market in Belgium. It is safe to say that without Katie's input I would not have completely refreshed the way I work and have the success that I have had so far in my career. I have never met someone who can deliver a training session quite like Katie does, her training sessions are enthusiastic, informative and have completely changed the way I recruit".

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I'm ready to scale

We develop great billers so that they can replicate their success with new starters and start to scale a team around them. 

There are 3 Levels to the Sharkfin Management Programme:

Level One

Becoming a Mentor

This looks at what makes the consultant a great biller?

How do they replicate that through role modelling and mentoring​

Level Two

Junior Management

When your mentor is ready to scale but needs to understand how through hiring, training, retaining and billing.

Here we look at developing: a culture, standards, your management competencies, your people and your performances

Level 3

Team Leader

​You now have full responsibility for the team as well as Junior Leaders and Mentors.

Here we teach management techniques and models such as Situational Leadership, we develop your brand and focus on accountability and results

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Its about the future, discovering your potential and achieving it – faster.

Executive Coaching unleashes the hidden potential in leaders and helps them unleash the potential in their teams. We help executives focus on their business priorities while advancing their professional development goals

We believe in a one size fits one approach and coach across operational, strategic and behavioural development.

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