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Recruitment to Recruitment & Training Services 

Our Trained Talent service focuses on sourcing, assessing, placing and training the best Trainees, Junior Sales Professionals and experienced Consultants with Recruitment and Sales businesses across the UK.

Put simply, we provide our clients with a Rec2Rec service with a difference. We've combined our 25 years recruitment and training experience to not only source quality candidates, but to train them before they start in your business. Our optional outsourced training gives placements the skills they need to succeed and frees up internal managements time so they can focus on billing.    

We understand that reducing attrition rates and revenue generation are key to any sales business. Our sales training is proven to reduce attrition rates by 40% and reduce a consultants time to placement by 80 days in global recruitment companies! 

If your business doesn't require our additional training services, no problem! We are happy to work on our traditional placement only R2R model.



Firstly, we seek out and attract candidates through many sources such as job boards, referrals and our university links. A member of our team will then conduct both telephone and face to face interviews with our candidates to get to know them, run through their education, employment history and why they want a career in Sales or Recruitment. If successful, we will invite them to one of our assessment centres.


Chosen candidates are invited to an assessment centre where they complete practical scenarios. Tasks are designed to test their potential to become top billers, covering business acumen, sales ability, communication, and personality. Clients are invited to attend, giving them first pick of their chosen candidates to interview. Our assessment days are free to attend and clients have no obligation to hire. We just ask that you act with urgency on the candidates as they will go fast! Once a placement is finalised, clients can decide if they wish for placements to attend one of our market leading induction and training weeks, or train them in house.


Unlike some other R2R services, we don’t just train candidates to pass the interview!​

Sharkfin Consulting pride ourselves in our training expertise. Our Director Katie is well known in the industry as a super trainer, having worked for 20 years in the industry, training 1000's of consultants to become top billers and leaders for some of the UK's biggest companies. Her training programmes are proven to reduce attrition rates by 40% and reduce a consultants time to placement by around 80 days! 

Our induction and training programme takes place over 5 days and covers everything a consultant needs to know in order to succeed in the industry and your business. Training can be completed at our offices or on our clients site. 


Sharkfin consulting provide each placement with 2 free training sessions post induction to build on the basic skills learnt and develop the consultants ability. We can also provide additional training to develop each consultant from inducted trainees, through to top billers, managers and leaders.


Here are some facts about our Trained Talent service

£120,000/YR SAVINGS

Talent on demand

Removes cost of having an Internal Recruitment and Training Team - Typically around £120,000+ py


Staff that stay

Sharkfin Training proven to reduce attrition rates by 40% in Global Recruitment Companies.


Faster Deal Times

Proven to reduce time it takes for candidates to make 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th placements by 80 days!


Best are Billing

Allows internal management to continue billing, rather than inductions and training.


Manage Performance

Additional Training available to take Consultants from Juniors to Team Leaders and Top Billers


Placement Pricing

Our service is competitively priced and provides more value for money than the standard R2R companies.

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